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MAGIC MX DVD is a compatible DVD player. Does not require installation or embedding. MXDVD player source code inside MAGIC. Possibility of connection of disks of other formats. Play DVD-Audio and DVD-R movies on a computer or other set-top box. Work with video Blu-Ray and WEB. Expansion of possibilities due to the built-in sound editor, i.e.MP3, WAV, M4A, ASF, TS, WMV, AVI, ASX, MPEG, MP2, ASV, WMA (Windows Media Player, Windows Media Audio Codec), DVDAudio, DVDH.
MX Player can read various DVD formats, bringing them to one form. One such format is SVCD. MX supports audio discs with CD-A and CD-R options, as well as ASF. DVD formats can be converted to MP3 or WMA in the same playback, and audio files can also be compressed. By supporting multiple files in the player, you can choose the most suitable version for a particular media. MAGCAM works with many video file formats: H.264, MP4, AVC, DVD-Video, MP3 and so on. The UPnP standard allows you to play discs with any type of data.
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